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View live traffic, road closures / diversions and roadworks which may have an effect on your journey.  These roadworks include not only ECC roadworks, but also utility roadworks such as water, gas, electric, telephone companies etc. 

Simply click to view Essex County Council's live map then in the little box on the right type Ashdon Parish and then select a broader date range and your information will be displayed!



FLOODING - The Uttlesford District Council Emergencies Number is 01223 849755


In case of flood, there is usually a small supply of sandbags in the Village Hall carpark.  However they do tend to disintegrate after a time, so concerned householders should consider accumulating their own supply.

One of the easiest alternatives to sandbags for protecting doors etc, is a sheet of strong polythene tacked round the door with something heavy along the bottom to stop it lifting. Suggest concerned householders get a sheet of polythene in case of emergencies - it does actually work. 


Flood Feb 2014

Flood Feb 2014