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A recent house burglary occurred where individuals knocked on the front door claiming to be meter readers and after gaining access various electrical items were removed from the property.

Essex Police Crime Reduction Adviser says:-

“If in doubt, keep them out! If you feel unsure about the caller do not let them in. If they are genuine they will understand. Please follow the Lock, Stop, Chain and Check rule.

“If the caller displays a photo ID, please do not phone the number on that ID because it may be false. Note the name of the company, look them up in the phone book, and call the company number printed there to check whether the caller is genuine or not. If you have any concerns, please contact Essex Police on 0300 3334444.”

LOCK - make sure your doors and windows are secure. Before you answer your front door, make sure your back door is locked in case the caller has an accomplice.

STOP - See who the caller is before answering by looking through a nearby window, and speak through the window. Once you are happy with the caller, go to the door.

CHAIN - If you choose to open the door, make sure you put the chain on the door before opening it.

CHECK - Find out who your caller is. Ask for their ID and check it carefully. Their identity might be fake so look up in the phone book the company they claim to be from and call it to clarify the facts. Don’t ring the number on the caller's ID. Or simply tell them to call again at another time.

More advice here:


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