Just to inform those villagers who are not aware that we have, at last, managed to replace the post box lost when the village shop sadly closed.

The new post box is situated outside the Village Hall.

Collection times are 11:15 and 17:00 Monday to Friday and 11:15 on Saturday.



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Trench Cake Anyone??

During the 1st World War people at home would bake and post a fruit cake to loved ones on the front line.

Some traditional cake ingredients were hard to come by. There are no eggs in the recipe and vinegar was used to react to the baking soda to help the cake rise.

We will be baking Trench Cakes for people to try at the Parish Council 1918-2018 Centenary Event on Saturday 17th November.

Today we had the pleasure of sampling the Trench Cake made by Councillor Moriarty using the 1914 original recipe. We have to say it was amazing and made us think how the Troops in the Trenches would have felt to have received these from home.

If you wish to sample these then all you have to do is come to the Commemoration Event.





14:55, 15 Oct 2018 by John Thorn

All are welcome..


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The minutes of the Ashdon Parish Council meeting held on 3rd September 2018 are now available to view.


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The Parish Council would like to thank all villagers (young and not so young Laughing ) who helped with the litter pick yesterday.

An amazing 16 bags of rubbish were collected and, despite the rain, people had a great time.

Thank you all once again...



14:10, 15 Oct 2018 by John Thorn

Please contact us on ashdon1918.2018@gmail.com if you have memorabilia that you would be interested in displaying and to let us know that you are coming (to assist us in planning). Entry is free for all...


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Ashdon Parish Council will meet on 8th October 2018 at 19:30 in the Village Hall. You can view the agenda by clicking here.

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